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Books written by EyeCreate1234

Grand Rising! We take great pride in being the authors of these books, which cover a diverse range of topics. Among them, you will find valuable tools to support you on your journey with the law of attraction, as well as books designed to entertain and help you bring order to your life.

Link to buy our book "Visualize Love & Bring it to Life"

Visualizing love and utilizing love affirmations can be powerful tools to manifest the law of attraction in relationships. By vividly imagining love and its various aspects, such as compassion, joy, and connection, individuals can create a clear mental image of their desired romantic experiences. This practice strengthens the manifestation process by combining affirmations and positive statements that reinforce the belief in love and attract it into one's life. Affirmations like "I am deserving of love" or "I attract a loving and fulfilling relationship" can help shift one's mindset and align their energy with the frequency of love. This intentional visualization and affirmation practice cultivates a positive state of mind, empowers self-love, and magnetizes the manifestation of loving relationships.

  • 6"x9"

  • Guide on how visualization helps you find love with the Law of Attraction.

  • Deep dive ideal partner exercises.

  • Love Affirmations

Click here to purchase "Visualize Love and Bring it to Life"

Are you struggling to manifest your desired life despite believing you're practicing the Law of Attraction consistently?

Do you need help maintaining a positive mindset and generating the right emotions to achieve your desired outcome?

If so, you might be making common mistakes with the Law of Attraction.

In 'The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Applying the Law of Attraction (and how to avoid them)' you'll discover the five most common errors people make when applying this powerful law. Through each chapter, the book provides practical guidance and exercises to help you avoid these mistakes and effectively harness the Law of Attraction. With its comprehensive approach and actionable insights, this book is the perfect tool to help you create the life you truly want.

Click here to purchase "The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Applying the Law of Attraction"

Link to buy our book "The Top 5 Mistakes People Make when Applying the Law of Attraciton and how to avoid them"
Link to buy our book "While I was sleeping Dream Diary"

Dream Diary/Journal Entries:

  • Record over dreams using the two-page spreads for each dream

  • Record your thoughts and emotions before sleep

  • Input dream details and interpretation findings.

  • Record your feelings upon awakening.

Click here to purchase "While I was Sleeping Dream Diary"

  • 6" x 9"

  • Soft Cover

  • Travel Log which includes: Spaces for Day, Date, Destination, Accommodation, Budget, To-Do

  • Black & White

  • Travel Itinerary

  • Notes Section

  • Lined Pages

Click here to purchase "Itinerary Organizer and Travel Planner"

Link to buy our book "Itinerary Organizer and Travel Planner"
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